Ancient Roman Coins

Maximinus I, 235-238 AD, Providentia AVG, S-2354 $35.00

Maximus, Sestertius, PAX AVGVSTI, Pax stg l, VF/F-VF, well centered with full legends, smooth brown patina with green tinge and a trace of crusting; pleasant, with a strong portrait with a full laurel wreath $86.00

Gordan III 238-44 AD Antoninianus, PM TRPV COSII PP, Apollo std l, EF, centered, obverse decently struck, reverse typically somewhat crudely struck, glittery lusterous surfaces with pleasant light golden grey tone $56.00

Gordon III, Ant., PROVI(D?) AVG, Providentia stg l, VF+/aVF, centered on large flan, sharp portrait. There is a round tone spot at the rev top which suggests a plugged hole, which might also explain the missing D, but I can't detect it on the obv. $34.00

Gordon III 238-244 AD, AETERNITATI AVGVSTI, F/VG $27.00

Philip I, Ant., VF, good silver, ex European auction as aEF/EF $32.00

Philip I, 244-249 AD, Moesia Superior, AE 25 $16.00

Otacilia Severa, Ant. CONCORDIA AVGG, Concordia std l, virtually mint state, centered on large flan, rev a little softly struck, as usual but not bad for this, portrait very sharp, Much mint luster $94.00

Ancient Roman Coins

Otacilia Serera, wife of Philip I, Sestertius, AD 244-249 AD, VF/F+, squared flan, obverse centered, some legend weak, rev off center and double struck, good dark olive green patina, nice sharp portrait $64.00

Philip II, as Caesar, Ant., PRINCIPI IVVENT, Philip stg r, virtually mint state, centered on a large flan, portrait could be sharper, rev figure well struck, covered with brilliant mint luster $76.00

Trajan Decius, Ant, VBERITAS AVG, Uberitas stg l, VF+/aVF, obv nearly centered, rev slightly off center but complete, obv well struck for this with sharp portrait, rev softly struck, good metal with luster $44.00

Trajan Decius 249-251 AD, Ant, S2702 cat 30 pounds, VICTORIA AVG, Victory adv l, EF, centered and decently struck for this with sharp portrait, strong rev, good metal $58.00

Trajan Decius 249-251 AD, Ant, DACIA stg l, aEF, centered on large flan, bright metal with very slight granularity and light tone $54.00

Trajan Decius 249-251 AD, Ant, ABVNDANTIA AVG, Abundantia stg r, VF, centered on pear shaped flan, few rev letters crowded, typical blurry strike on lgnds, dark grey tone, good portrait $35.00

Trajan Decius, Sestertius, DACIA stg l, VF+ centered on unround flan, lgnds complete tho somewhat weak on obv, dark brown patina, sl rugged on obv, glossy on rev, handsome well styled portrait with bold laurel wreath detail, rev figure also unusually well styled and detailed $199.00

Trajan Decius, Moesia Superior, Viminacium, AE 27 (13.97g) Yr 11 (239/50) Laureate draped bust/ Moesia stg between bull and lion, F+, green patina $27.50

Ancient Roman Coins

Trajan Decius, Antioch Billion Tet., VF-EF S-2732 cat. 65 pounds - SOLD

Trajan Decius, Egyptian Tet., Eagle l, head r, LA; aEF, obv centered with full lgnd, tho a sl crude spot affects last few letters, rev sl off center but complete, nice dark brown patina; excellent detail on portrait and eagle $116.00

Herennia Etruscilla, Ant, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia std l, S2731 cat 35 pounds, EF, centered on large flan, decent strike with nice sharp portrait; bright $65.00

Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius 249-51 AD, and mother of Herennius Etruscus and Hostilian. ANt, S2730 cat 35 pounds, PVDICITIA AVG, Pudicitia stg l, holding septre, VF+, lgnds somewhat soft, as usual, bright metal, sharp portrait $67.00

Trebonianus Gallus, Ant, ROme std l, aVF/F+ $27.50

Valerian I, Ant, RESTITVS ORIENTIS, Orient and Val, VF, S2896 cat 30 pounds $44.00

Valerian I, Ant, EF/VF, VIRTVS AVGG, Val & Gal, s2905 $36.00

Salonia 268 AD, wife of Gallienus, s3045 VF/F $24.00

Valerian II, Ant, PRINC IVVENTVTIS, prince crowning trophy, aVF, S3065, cat 45 pounds $34.00

Ancient Roman Coins

Tetricus II, Caesar, 270-73 AD, Ant, SPES AVGG, S3190 cat 20 pounds, Spes adv l, VF, centered, ragedy edge, lgnds typically weak, glossy olive brown patina, sharp portrait $35.00

Claudius II, Egypt Tet, Eagle stg r, LB, S3240 cat 18 pounds, aEF $40.00

Claudius II, Ant, bust left, SALVS AVG, Isis Faria stg l (rare portrayal on a Roman coin), RIC217, VF, sl off center, lgnd flat at obv left, rev lgnd complete, grey brown with hints of silvering $32.50

Aurelian, 270-75 AD, ANt, PIETAS AVG, Aurelian & Severian sacrificing, C171, scarce 10 franks, VF, nerly centered on oval flan, lgnds partially crowded, brown $27.00

Aurelain 270-75 AD, & Vabalathus (son of Zenobia, joint rulers of Palmyra) Egypt Tet, bust r/ bust r, S3293 cat 50 pounds, aF, brown patina mith minor porosity, lgnds weak, portraits reasonable $23.00

Severina, wife of Aurelian 270-75 AD, Ant, S3284 cat 60 pounds, CONCORDIAE MILITVM, Concord & 2 standards, aVF, well centered, medium brown, decent  $35.00

Tacticus 275-76 AD, Egypt Tet, S3322 cat 25 pounds, eagle l/ head r, ETOVC A, aEF, centered, lgnd sl soft but complete, smooth chocolate brown $61.00

Probus 276-82 AD, Ant, radiate bust r/ Clementia receiving globe from Jupiter, EF, silvered $45.00

Probus 276-82 AD, Ant, rev IOVI CONSERVAT, ruler & Jupiter sdg (a scarcer type), VF+, well centered and struck with much original silvering & nice sharpp portrait $46.00

Carus 282-83 AD, Ant, S3400 cat 50 pounds, FIDES MILITVM, Fides stg l, VF, nearly centered on a large flan, grey toned silvering with a touch of dark green patination $38.00

Carinus, Ant, EF/VF, VIRTVS AVGG, S3475 cat 35 pounds $40.00

Diocletian, post abdication Follis, mantled bust, PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG, Prov & Quies stg, ANT, S3543 cat 75 pounds, VF, centered, smooth brown surfaces with a touch of pale hiliting on obv, nice portrait - Sold

Diocletian, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler & Jupiter, EF, sl off center with tops of some obv lgnd off, rev a bit softly struck, portrait needle sharp, smooth medium brown with toned silvering on rev $36.00

Diocletian, post reform radiate, CONCORDIA MILITVM, Ruler & Jove, Ant, F-VF/F, S3540 $24.00

Diocletian, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, no mint mark, London, VF/VF-EF $49.00

Diocletian 284-305 AD, Follis, Alexandria mint, laureate bust r, genius stg l holding patera & cornucopiae $40.00

AE 4 VRBS ROMA, mule with rev GLORIA EXERCITVS, standard between soldiers, SMHE, F_VF/VF, obv sl off center, a little crude, glossy dark green patina $34.00

Carausius, Ant, PAX AVG, Pax stg l, F-o/ML S3562 cat 125 pounds, AEF or better but somewhat off center on a smallish flan & crude work (probably barbarous), partial lgnds, also a flip over double strike, with part of obv lgnd visible rev, glossy dark brown surfaces, sharp portrait $78.50

Maximianus 268-305 AD, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, HTA= Heraclea Turkey, 1st office, aVF $37.50

Maximianus 268-305 AD, Follis, VF+/VF S3631 cat 40 pounds, London mint, Genius stg l holding patera & cornucopiae  $37.50

Maximianus Follis GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, KE, VF+, slightly porous $37.50

Maximainus 1/4 Follis or Denarius, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, SIS, scarce issue only struck at Siscia, VF, centered, greyish brown, sl cover in recesses, sm edge crack $30.00

Maximian 306-308 AD, Follis, 2nd reign, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma in 6 column temple, TT, S3645 cat 40 pounds, VF, well centered, dark patina with traces of green, decent surfaces, strong portrait, scarce - SOLD

Maxomian, Follis, post 2nd abdication, mantled bust r, BAEATISSIMO lgnd Quies & Providentia stg, PTR, VF, centered on a full flan, lgnd sl soft on obv, more so on rev, choice glossy brown surfaces, nice portrait, pleasant & quite scarce $83.00

Maximian, Follis, bust l holding club, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l at altar, PLC, VF, somewhat off center losing some lgnd each side, somewhat crude strike, edge splits, smooth dark brown surfaces with a little green hiliting in recesses, rare - Sold

Constantius I, as Caesar 293-305 AD, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, ANT (Antiochia mint), EF/aEF $97.50

Constantius I, as Augustus, AD 306, Follis, scarce, only 1 year, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, PTR, VF-EF, nearly centered, rev very slightly double struck, brown patina with fairly decent surfaces, S3683 cat 45 pounds $76.50

Constantius I, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, aVF, teensy surface pits $26.00

Constantius I, Ant, CONCORDIA MILITVM, ruler receiving Victory from Jupiter, KB, F+/F, nearly centered on full flan, smooth darkish brown surfaces, much detail visible on portrait, Scarce $24.50

Constantius I, as Augustus 1/4 Follis= Denarius, scarce, issued a single year 305-6, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg, SIS, F-VF, nearly centered, somewhat thich dark green patina, minor edge crack, portrait shows full laurel wreath $27.50

Constantius I, as Augustus 1/4 Follis= Denarius, scarce, issued a single year 305-6, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg, SIS (Siscia Yugoslavia), aVF/VF $34.00

Galerius, Caesar, Follis, 293-305 AD, Laur bust r, Genuis stg l, S3707 cat 40 pounds $54.00

Galerius as Augustus, 305-11 AD, Follis, S3718 cat 30 poinds, GENIO AVGVSTI, with CMH monogram following rev legend, SMNA, VF_EF, nearly centered, glossy dark brown surfaces, very slight crudness $37.50

Galerius as Augustus, 305-11 AD, Follis S3720 cat 35 pounds, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, SMSD, VF, centered, lgnds somewhat off, portrait strong, obv light brown with a little silvering, rev 75% silvered $32.50

Galeria Valeria, Follis, VENERI VICTRICI, Venus stg l, SM.TS (Smima), 6.1 gm, EF/VF, S3730, cat 110 pounds  $106.00

Galeria Valeria, Follis, VENERI VICTRICI, Venus stg l, SMTS (Smima), EF, well centered, full lgnds, dk steel brown patina with lt to moderate roughness, but portrait nice with exceedingly sharp hair detail, S2730 cat 110 pounds $83.50

Galeria Valeria, Follis, VENERI VICTRICI, Venus stg l, SMNB (Nicomedia), 2nd office, aVF/F, S3730 cat 110 pounds $42.00

Severius II as Caesar, 306-07 AD, Follis, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, similar to S3735 cat 100 pounds, scarce short reign, VF+, centered, lustery toned silvered surfaces, HTE $137.50

Severius II, Denarius, GENIO POPVLI ROMANI, Genius stg l, SIS, S3740 cat 100 pounds, VF, centered, nice dark olive patina, rare $86.00

Maximinus II, as Augustus308-09 AD, Follis, ALE= Alexandria, EF/EF, super quality $130.00

Maximinus II, as AUgustus, 309-13 AD, Red Follis, GENIO AVGVSTI CMH, Genius stg l, SMNE, EF, centered, rev figure softly struck, silvering peeking thru under olivy green patina $64.60

Maximinus II, as Augustus, Follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG, Jupiter stg l, MKVA, F+ $26.50


Maxentius, Follis, CONSERVATORES, a scarcer variety, mintmark A*P(?), VF/F, slightly off center on a sl raggy flan, lgnds virtually complete, glossy dark brown patina with lt to moderate granularity, particularly on rev, portrait is detailed and decent 27.50

Maxentuis, Follis, CONSERV VRB SVAE, Roma std in 6 column temple, consular bust l with scepter (rare), AQP, F-VF/F, perfectly centered, Roma figure weakly struck, smooth dark brown, similar, but better than S3780 cat 50 pounds  - SOLD

Maxentius 306-12 AD, Follis, Roma in 6 column temple, AQR (Aquileia, 3rd office, near Trieste), VF/F $32.00

Licinus I, AE3, VOT XX in wreath, lgnd around, EF, obv well centered, rev sl off center losing tops of some letters, smooth brown with much silvering evident in protected areas $47.00

Licinus I 308-24 AD, Red Follis, S3796 cat 20 pounds, GENIO POP POM, ATR, EF, nearly centered, well struck, smooth brown $38.50

Licinus II, AE3, helmeted bust l, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, SMNA, VF, centered, lgnds somewhat weak, strong portrait, forest green patina $33.00

Constantinian era commemorative, Urbs Roma/ wolf & twins, F-VF with good detail $18.00

Gratian AE3, Concordia Aug, Constantinopolis stg r, ANTE, VF $46.50

Valentinian II, AE2, VF  $38.00

Valentinian II, AE4, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory stg l, BSIS, VF, centered, full legends, brown patina, well detailed portrait, again, much nicer than usual $35.00

Valentinian II 375-92 AD, VICTORIA AVGGG, Victory adv, F+, centered, crude edge splits, mintmark unstruck, rare type $18.75

Theodosius I, AE2, GLORIA ROMAMORVM, ruler stg, ANTA, S4181 cat 35 pounds, VF or better, centered on an oval flan, full lgnds tho wk at obv left, dark greenish patina with hint of granularity, strong detail on portrait and rev figure $37.50

Theodosius I  379-95 AD, Follis, D N THEODOSIVS PF AVG VIRVTS EXERCITI, SMKT = Carthage mint $40.00

Theodosius, Ric IV 26d, AE 24mm, F-VF, AE2, S4183 F, $12.00

Theodosius I, AE4, Victory dragging captive l, CONSA, VF/F, centered, rev sl crude, dark green with hiliting, nice portrait $27.00

Aelia Flaccilla, 1st wife of Theodosius, S4193, F/VG $12.50

Magnus Maximus, Siliqua, F, crude, centered, S4201 cat 80 pounds $78.00

Arcadius 395-408 AD, AE2, VF/aVF $40.00

Eudoxia, wife of Arcadius, AE3, Eudoxia enthroned, facing, S4240 cat 85 pounds, VF, AILA erroneous? $118.00

Honorius 393-423 AD, AE2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, ruler stg r, S4252 cat 40 pounds, aVF, dullish grey brown, legends all there but mostly weak or crude, mint mark unclear, reasonable portrait $22.60

Honorius 393-423 AD, AE2, GLORIA ROMANORVM, VF-EF, excellent quality $73.00

Valentinian III 425-55 AD, Solidus, 4.28 gm, Constantinople, Salvs Rei Pvblicaeh, Theo II and Val III on reverse, very scarce - SOLD

Theodosius II 402-450 AD, Solidus, .14 troy ounce, Constantinopolis aVF/VF - Sold

Hunneric, Vandals, bust/ monogram, WPB 12-14, 4 Nummus, g/Af - SOLD

Hunneric, Vandals, bust/ monogram, WPB 12-14, 4 Nummus $22.00

Geilamar, Vandals, bust/ monogram, WPB 4-6, ae 4 - SOLD

Valentinian III, Vandals, bust/ Victory, BMC 17ff, crude F $35.00

Constantine I, reduced follis, IOVI CONSERVATORI, Jupiter stg l, TSB; EF, centered, well struck tho legends sl crude, glossy dark green patina $50.00

Constantine I, ae 3, bust facing upward to God/ VOT XXX within wreath and legends, SMKSD, EF, nearly centered, full legends tho somewhat soft on obv, portrait and rev are sharp; greenish brown with hints of silvering, a touch grainy, rare with this CHristian portrait type $104.00

Helena, 1st wife of Constantius, mother of COnstantine 307-337, ae 3, S-3908, Helena stg l, SECVRITIAS REIPVBLICA PTRE, VF-EF, centered, legends somewhat crude, dark brown with slight porosity, mainly on reverse, strong portrait $47.00

Theodora, bust/ Pietas stg, TRS, F+/aF, ae 4, S-3911 $22.00

Crispus 317-26 AD, CRISPVS NOB CAES CAESARVM NOSTRORVM/ VOT V, ae 3, S-3917, sharp $22.00

Constantius II, 337-348S-4000, VOT XXX..., sharp $15.00

Constantius II 324-337 AD, as Caesar, FL IVL CONSTANTIVS NOBC, reverse with 2 soldiers each holding a standard, similar to S-3986 $22.00

Constantius II, Centenionales, S-4003, VF with silvering $34.00

Constantius II, Centenionales, bust/ ruler with 2 captives, S-4004, EF/VF $60.00

Constantius II, as Caesar, 350 AD, by Vetranio, Cent, S-4042, HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS, Victory crowning ruler, SIRM, VF, centered, sl small, legends quite soft, glossy brown with sl obv porosity $40.60

Constantius II, 350 AD, by Vetranio, Cent, S-4041, CONCORDIA MILITVM, ruler & 2 labara, SIRM, aEF, nearly centered, legends complete tho weak at r, greyish brown surfaces, some very minor obv porosity $41.00

Magnentius 350-353 AD, Cent, S-4024, VICTORIAE etc, 2 vics hldg shield, PLC, VF/F-VF, centered, legends complete, dark brown with a touch of crusting mainly on rev, strong portrait with good hair detail $59.00

Magnentius, double cent, large Christogram, S-4017, F+, centered on small 22 x 24mm flan, legends weak of off, no mint mark, darkish brown, strong portrait $113.00

Constantius Gallus by Vetranio, Cent, CONCORDIA etc, Gallus and 2 Labara, SIRM, VF, nearly centered, edge irregularityu at 9:00, smooth brown, obv will struck with good portrait, rev lgnd rather soft $64.00


Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD,  ae 3, helmeted bust left, VOT X MVLT XX in wreath, HERACLB, S-4074, aEF well centered on a large flan, olivy brown patina with just a touch or roughness, obv lgnd sl weak, portrait strongly detailed $72.00

Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD, ae 1, VF/ F-VF, D N FL CL IVLANVS PF AVG/ SECVRITAS REIPVB, 28mm, 7.8 gm, CYZB $134.00

Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD, ae 1, DNFLCL IVLANVS PF AVG/ SECVRITAS REIPVB, good + $40.00

Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD, ae 1, 2 stars above, eagle before mint, polished brassy look, not so good $14.00

Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD, ae 1, VF, D N FL CL IVLANVS PF AVG/ SECVRITAS REIPVB, 27mm, 8.5 gm $106.00

Julian II the Apostate, 360-363 AD, ae 1, crude about good  $17.50

Julian the APostate, as Caesar, ae 3, 15 x 16mm, VF/ aVF, Sear RCV 4063v, Obv. D N FL IVLANVS NOB C, bear head right, Rev. FEL TEMP REPARATIO, soldier spearing fallen horseman, M to left, ASSI ? in exergue $24.00

Jovan, ae 3, VOT V MVLT X in wreath, BSIRM, S-4087, aEF/ VF, centered, obv lgnd sl crude, minor edge irregularity, glossy deep green patina, trace of roughness in red center, portrait sharp and bold $90.00

Jovan 363-364 AD, ae 1, VICTORIA ROMANORVM, ruler stg, ANTA, S-4085, well centered and struck on a full round flan, medium greyish brown surfaces with a hint of granularity, excellent specimen $399.00

Valentinian I, 364-375 AD, ae 3, S-4102, Gloria, etc., ruler & captive, ASIS, aEF/ VF, brn, centered, full tho sl soft obv lgnd, rev lgnd weak at rt, good surfaces & portrait  $39.00