Apollonia Pontica, Drachn after 400 BC, Gorgon face/ anchor and crayfish, S-1655 variety , VF off center obverse top of head off $33.00

Armenia, Tigranes II, The Great, 83-69 BC, ae 18 Fine, bust in tiara/ Tyche standing right, S-7208 $22.50

Baktria, Menander 160-145 BC, Drachm, bust right/ Athena standing left VF/EF $57.00

Baktria, Hermaios, c.40 BC, silver Drachm, bust right/ Zeus standing, VF, a little crude but strong portraits and decent silver $24.00

British Celtic, Iceni, AR unit, horse right/ crescents, s-75 Brit $85.00


British, Celtic, Durotriges, billion unit, abstract head/ horse, 35-30 BC, AEF nearly centered and well struck, silver color with light tone, nice for these $99.00

Dyrrhachium, silver drachm, 200-30 BC, S_1899, cow & calf/ stellate pattern, typically off center & crude, but good silver, F+ $30.00

Judaea, first revolt, year 2, H.661 $35.00

Judaea, Mattathias Anigonos, AE23, double cornucopiae/ Ivy wreath, Hendin 481, poor, sloppily struck on a sloppily made flan, brown and green patina, not much to see, but rare $22.50

Judaea, Askalon AE, 1st to 2nd century AD, Tyche head right/ galley, Rosenberger 53ff, Ex Gamberini, Fine $24.00

Judaea, Askalon, AE 14, dated AD 117-118, CIty goddess head right/ galley, thickish dark brown patina, ovberse nearly centered, rev 30% off, Fine +


Lysimacheia, AE 16, 309-281 BC, Herakles head right/ Nike standing left, aVF, brown patina,    slightly off center, obverse mangled by ill striking $27.50

Macedon 300-295 BC Demetrios Poliorketes, S-6762 cat $1400 pounds as VF, this F-VF, nerly centered on a narrow thick flan, Nikes head off, otherwise bold features, good metal with medium tone $690.00

Issued to commemorate the Battle Salamis of 306 BC, in 4th war of Daidochi, Alexander the Great's successors, where Cyprus was won from Ptolemy and Demetrios assumed the purple.


Macedon, AR Tetradrachma, Philip II 359-336 BC, 23mm fouree with core exposure along bottom edge, 15.8 grams, VF+, Lambda under horses foot $335.00

Macedon, Antigonos Gonates 276-239 BC, AE 20, S-6786, Athena head right/ Pan erecting trophy, F-VF, centered $35.50

Macedon, Antigonos Gonates 276-239 BC, AE 19, S-6786, Athena head right/ Pan erecting trophy, F+, centered, dark patina with hiliting, nice  $37.50

Macedon, Antigonos Gonatas AE 26, shield with monogran in center/ helmet, similar to S6788; VF/ F, smooth dark patina with slight hilitng, centered, nice $40.00

Miletos, 6th century BC, 1/12th Sater, lion head/ star in square. Earliest inexpensive coin, F+ centered with a clear lion head $55.50

Olbia, dolphin shaped AE coin, 3rd - 1st century BC, as S-1684, but smaller, without tailfins, dark patina $22.50

Parion, silver 3/4 Drachm, C.44 BC, Gorgon face/ cruciform pattern S-3917. Best 15% of a hord F+/VF with clear centered face $33.75

Pergamum, 95-92 BC, CIstophorus. Cista mystica/ serpents flanking bow case. Kleiner MN 23, 38, Pinder 112, toned, rough VF $150.00


Selge, AE 13, C.100 BC, Herakles head/ winged thunder bolt, S-5491, VF centered, warm brown,  good detail, nice $25.50

Syria, Alexander the Great Tetradrachm, Herc head right/ Zeus. Seleucid anchor in reverse field, Mul 1504 VG/ VF $85.00

Syria, Antiochus II Theos 261-246 BC, AE 18, Apollo head right/ tripod, VF, centered, slate green patina, slight crusting mainly on reverse $24.00

Syria, Seleukos III 225-223 BC, AE 14, Artemis head right/ Apollo seated left, S-6929, aVF $27.50

Syria, Demetrios I, Drachm, bust right/ cornucopiae, S-7019 VF+/ VF, well centered, grey tone in recesses accentuating bold high relief features, pleasing example $73.50


Syria, Antiochus VII 139-127 BC, bust right/ Athena standing left, S-7092, VF $187.50

Syria, Roman Regime, Tet, Philip Philadelphos, bust right/ Zeus seated left, XAT monogran,    as S-7214, F-VF, well centered, light grey tone, much portrait detail $97.50


Syracuse, Hieron II, 275-215 BC, AE 19, Persephone head left/ bull left, S-1218, VF+/ F,    obverse well centered with strong hair detail on head, reverse off center and a bit weak,    pleasant sage green patina $55.50

Thasos, 510-490 BC, Nakid ithyphallic Drachm, man carrying nymph, his tallywacker is visible. Not an appropriate gift for most wifes. 4 part incuse, S-1358, F-VF, a hair off center, faintly grainy metal, light tone, a bold clear image $130.00

Indo Scythians, Azes II, king in horse right/ Athena right, aF, grainy $27.00

Indo Greeks, Soter Megas (now known to be Vima Takto), AE Tet F+, brown, strong portrait $21.00

Indo Greeks, Soter Megas (now known to be Vima Takto), AE Tet F+, brown, strong portrait $21.00

Indo Greeks, Yaudheyas, 3rd century AD, hefty 24mm coin, standing figure each side, well made, nice VF, brown patina $22.50