Caligula $45.00

Claudius, Egypt, Alexandria, Billon Tet. (11.04 gm), year 2 (42-43 AD), Claudius laureate head right/ Messalina standing left, Koln 76, Dattari 124, Fine $144.00

Claudius, Sest, 41-54 AD, S-635, Spes advancing left, Anglo Gallic production, F+ aF $132.00

Claudius, quadrans, Modius SC, S-640, EF $92.00

Antonia, AE As, mother of Claudius, Claudius standing on reverse, aF/ VG $172.00

Nero, Den, SALVS std left, F-VF/aF, well centered on a slightly small flan, full obverse legend, good metal, much detail on portrait $206.50

Nero, Den, IVPPITER CVSTOS, Jupiter standing left, slightly off center on an oval flan, obverse legend weak at right, reverse legend weak or gone, bright silver, light scar on neck and jaw, F/ VG $101.00

Vespasian, Den, PON MAX TRP COS V, winged caduceus, choice VF $156.00

Vespasian, Den, PONTIF MAXIM, ruler standing right, EF $106.00

Vespasian, Den, PON MAX TRP COS VI, Victory standing on prow, F, better type $102.00

Vespapian, Antioch silver Tet, eagle standing left on club, year 4, S-818, VF centered with complete legends, but a fourree $90.00

Another, aF/F nearly centered with most obverse legend missing; half reverse legend off, good silver, strong portrait $110.75

Titus as Aug, Sest, Spes advancing left, SC, COS VIII= year 80 AD, S-852, Rare, F+/ VF $250.00

Titus as Aug, Den, dolphin atop tripod, bust left, scarce, full legends, TRP IX COS VIII $76.00

Domitian, 81-96 AD, AE 23 Judea Askalon mint, Tyche standing left, F $36.00

Domitian as Aug, Den, IMP XXII, Minerva standing left, VF/ F+, good metal with nice light grey tone, appealing $84.00

Nerva, 96-98 AD, AE As $14.00

Nerva, 96-98 AD, AE As $14.00

Nerva, 96-98 AD, AE As, Aequitas August, S-864 $36.00

Nerva, 96-98 AD, Den, S-955, Salus standing left, AF/ G $28.75