PayPal is fine for international orders of $100 or less, I will email a cheap airmail postage quote.

International orders over $100, who do not want to pay for Express Mail, should not pay by regular PayPal, but are choosing to self insure delivery of their order.

Most of my customers pay by PayPal, a wonderful tool saving the buyer the cost of a stamp, a means of immediate payment, as well as guaranteed delivery.

PayPal accepts tracking as proof of delivery. Tracking, free on many domestic parcels, is only available internationally thru Express Mail Service. PayPal WILL NOT accept Registered Mail with signature confirmation as proof of delivery. When international proof of delivery is required shipping is MUCH more expensive. A recent 7.5 ounce order to Norway was $13.50 by uninsured airmail, or $59.50 by Express mail. On this order I asked the buyer for $10 for uninsured airmail, or $40 by Express mail.

I want every buyer to have protection against loss, but Express mail is so expensive, and losses of uninsured airmail shipments are RARE, so I want my international customers to have a choice.  

Customers choosing non insured (regular airmail) shipping on orders of $100 or more must cover their own potential loss, and should pay in advance by check in US Dollars drawn on a US bank. There is a way to send a gift thru PayPal, however 1) PayPal would not approve of its use in this manner, and 2) you would have to trust me.