Inspired by nature in my surroundings in Berkshire County, I have been creating my art in the forms of paperweights, blown glass, sculptural and lampworked glass for the last 12 years.

I was raised in Litchfield County, CT and became interested in glass, at the age of 19 when I visited Tim Bristow's glass studio inWebatuck Craft Village in New York.  Bristow offered me an apprenticeship and I worked under him for two years. After the apprenticeship, I worked at Arnold Larson's glass studio inPoughquag, NY, Gilmore Glass in Millerton, NY, and several other local shops before I was hired as a full time gaffer at Gartner Blade in Ashley Falls, Ma. I have been with Gartner Blade for 9 years now.

As a self taught lampworker, I had experimented with variouslampworking techniques finding the results beautiful, but quite fragile. I soon realized that I could take the fragile lampworkedelements and encase them in glass. I was hooked on the paperweight technique. My paperweights emerged half a dozen years later through trial, error and perseverance.

I started dating my wife, Katie in 2004, although we were friends since the mid 90's when we went to high school together. In 2006, we moved to Berkshire County to be close to Gartner Blade. Katie who is a Middle School Art Teacher and a professional photographer found the Berkshires to inspire her artwork and her teaching style. We married in 2008 and bought our first home in 2010. We share a two story glass/photo studio on our property.

I am constantly amazed by the variety of animals and flowers out in our yard. My artwork is directly related to my love of the flora and fauna in the Berkshires. Besides my passion for glass, I am an avid outdoor man and enjoy fishing, traditional archery, and hiking.