There is a lack of published information on most Cinderellas, but US Christmas Seals, US Local TB, Worldwide TB, US All Fund, and Worldwide Red Cross seals are well cataloged, and though they are Cinderellas, they are listed in separate sections of my website. "Cinderella" is a stamp collecting term which means virtually anything that looks like a stamp but does not have postal validity. A Cinderella stamp can not carry the mail. Like the fairy tale character who was not allowed to attend the royal ball, a Cinderella stamp is not permitted to be exhibited at a FIP (World Federation for Philately) stamp show. Despite her wicked step mother's rules, Cinderella managed to sneak in. The American Philatelic Society has a Cinderella category in their competitive stamp show exhibitions. Cinderellas include revenues and reprints; poster stamps issued for advertizing products or tourism; events, such asworlds fairs, philatelic exhibitions, or olympics; patriotic labels; political labels; local posts, etc.