Sales Folders were used within the National Tuberculosis Association, and illustrated many products, including buttons, pcp's, booth envelopes, counter displays, package inserts, posters, lantern slides, etc. Designed to assist the regional branches in their fundraising goals. Many were actually used, and may have 3 hole punch. These 4 page folders include biography of the Christmas Seal designer that year. Some covers resemble posters. In the 1920's they measure 10 1/2x14, and from the early 1930's onward measure 8 1/2 x 11". 1930's and early 40's have faults, but from there on they are F-VF

1926 inside of sales folder


1926 a rare set of pcp's is printed in this (faulty 15.00) VG 35.00

1929 (faulty 10.00) VG 20.00

1930 VG 20.00

1931 through 1970, most years in stock, your choice of year, 5.00 each

Faulty (worse than most "faulty" years) 1937 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, cover

1944 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, cover

1945 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, cover

1946 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, inside right

1947 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, back - corners NOT cut off, as the front is designed to look like a 3-D Christmas Gift.

1952 Christmas Seal Sales Folder, cover