Ray Mosbaugh wrote the All Fund Catalog which lists US fundraising seals issued for causes other than TB & Red Cross, and is divided into sections. The Jewish section includes some very interesting seals, and was redone in 1984 by Roalyn WInard. The entire All Fund Catalog is available on a computer CD in pdf files for $8.95 + $2 shipping and is available from me. I distribute all of the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society literature.

American Jewish Congress, Chicago, ,IL

#8.2p 1935 snakes form swastika, imperforate pair                   7.50

8.2px as above, but imperforate pane of 24                             75.00

Brownsville & East NY Hospital Society

#34.1a (  ) nurse & patient “RR” orange, fine                            20.00

34.1a (  ) no gum, straight edge, average                                  5.00

34.1ax (  ) booklet pane of 25, average                                 100.00

34.1b (  ) nurse & patient, carmine, fine                                   5.00

34.1b (  ) booklet pane of 25                                                  50.00