Boystown offered individually on the Catholic All Fund page under #22 through #23

Boystown Christmas Seal Collection 1936 (1st issue), 1949 (2nd issue) thru 1971, 41 seals $7.50

Boystown full sheets, you pick the common date (most are) $3.50, or purchase a long run of 20 or more at $3 a sheet

13 page Boystown album, by Joe Ward, originall published in August 2005 Seal News $5.00

I have a large stock of Boystown including proofs and full sheets, as well as other Catholic Fundraising Seals listed on this page of my website. Boystown is #22-23

1976 Greeting card with seal designs $2.50


Set of 5 diff Boystown progressive color proofs in full sheet sets. 3 are imperforate, and 2 are perforated. 37 sheets in all. The 1951 Spring actually has 9 stages, only 7 are illustrated here $125.00

Set of 4 blocks of 4, in PCP sets; 1951 set of 7 perforated blocks, 1954 set of 7 imperforate blocks, 1964 set of 7 imperforate blocks, and 1965 set of 7 imperforate blocks; 28 blocks in all. this set does not have the 1951 Spring $10.00