Rarely seen and highly collectable. These beauties date back to the beginning of Commercial aviation. Catalog numbers are from the 1982 Air Transport Label Catalog, published by the Aeronautica & Air Label Collector's Club. Following the catalog number is the airline name, the size, a short description and in parenthesis, the quantity in my stock / old catalog value. Satisfaction guaranteed. Most orders are sent out within 24 hours.

C=common 50 cents to $3,

S=scarce $3-$10,

SS=very scarce $10-$25,

R=rare $25-$50,

RR=very rare $50-$100.


USA-101 Allegheny Airlines 2.00

USA-101 variety, Allegheny Airlines, "Formerly All American Airlines" 2.00

USA-102 Allegheny Airlines 3.00

USA-105 Allegheny Airlines 3.50

USA-170 American Airlines 3.50

USA-175 American Airlines, orange 3.50

USA-175 American Airlines, red 3.50

USA-178 American Airlines 3.50

USA-179 American Airlines 3.50

USA-215 American Airlines, "welcome to the Convention" 3.50

USA-245 "Compliments of The American Airlines" 3.50

USA-270 American Airlines, 83x90mm, 3 men with signs, NY - Chicago (162C) 2.00

USA-274 American Airlines, 48x48mm, sleep overnight, Mercury, Southerner (55C) 1.50

USA-308 American Airlines 2.00

USA-309 American Airlines 2.00

USA-318 American Airlines 3.00

USA-319 American Airlines 1.00

USA-355 American Airlines, medium "airfreight, T228" 2.00

USA-356 American Airlines, medium "airfreight. T229" 2.00

Unlisted American Airlines, 69x15mm, airfreight, eagle in flight, Cherry 3948 (5) 2.00

Unlisted American Airlines, 51x30mm, ship this order airfreight, winged box (79) 2.00

19 different American Airlines air baggage labels, #USA151, 152, 165, 166, 168, 169,

175, 177, 179, 196, 226, 270, 271, 274 + 5 unlisted $70.50

USB-105b Braniff Airways, 70mm, plane (DC-3) in flight, lined tail (48C) 3.00

USB-106 Braniff Airways, 70mm diameter, plane (DC-2) in flight, plain tail (98C) 3.00

USB-108 Braniff Airways, 70mm diameter, 4 engine plane in flight, lined tail (53C) 3.00

USB-115 Braniff Airways 69mm diameter, globe showing North & South America (40C) 3.00

USB-115a Braniff Airways, 69mm diameter, as last, but dark blue (22C) 3.00

USB-118 Braniff Airways 3.00

USB-325 Braniff Airways 3.00

USB-326 Braniff Airways, 58x30mm, Ship Via Braniff, All The Way Without Delay (62C) 2.00

9 different Braniff air baggage labels, #USB101, 104, 105b, 106, 108, 115, 124, 134, 326 $34.99

USC-20-21 Capital Airlines 3.00

USC-33 Capital Airlines 2.00

USC-47 Capital Airlines 3.50

USC-48 Capital Airlines 3.50

USC-49 Capital Airlines 3.50

USC-178 Chicago & Southern Airlines,138x47mm, (57S) 3.00

USC-180 Chicago & Southern Airlines 3.00

USC-197 Chicago & Southern Airlines 2.00

USC-238 Colonial Airlines, Bermuda 3.50

USC-286 Continental Airlines 3.00

USD-274 Delta Airlines 3.00

USD-275 Delta Airlines 3.00

USD-276 Delta Airlines 3.00

USD-320 Delta Airlines 3.00

2 different Delta air baggage labels, #USD 78, 82 $17.99

USE-39 Eastern Air Lines, 50mm diameter, South America (125S) 3.00

USE-43 Eastern Air Lines, eagle in flight (8C) 4.50

USE-44 Eastern Air Lines, 90mm diameter, dull aluminum, eagle in flight (21C) 3.00

USE-46 Eastern Air Lines, 90mm diameter, dark blue, eagle in flight (22C) 3.00

USE-48 Eastern Air Lines 3.50

USE-50 Eastern Air Lines 3.50

7 different Eastern air baggage labels, USE31, 34, 36, 39, 42b, 44, and 46 $31.75

USE-77 Happy Holidays 2.00

USM-180 Mohawk Airlines 3.50

USM-181 Mohawk Airlines 3.50

USM-185 The Mohawk One-Eleven... 2.00

USN-18 National Airlines 3.00

USN-102 Newark Air Service, 102x46mm, wings (45) 3.00

USN-186 Northeast Airlines 3.00

USN-188 Northeast Airlines 3.50

USN-203 Northeast Airlines 2.00

USN-245 Norseman, 148x52mm, Viking with spear and shield, (88SS) 5.00

USN-255 Northwest Airways, 26mm diameter, plane in flight with giant wings (48C) 3.00

USN-280 Northwest Airlines, 83mm diameter, wing logo, orange composed of lines rather than dots (3) 7.50

USN-280 Northwest Airlines, 83mm diameter, wing logo, coaster 7.50

USN-288 Northwest Airlines 3.00

USN-289 Northwest Airlines 3.00

USN-290 Northwest Airlines, 77mm diameter, winged logo (13C) 3.00

USN-291 Northwest Airlines, 38mm diameter, winged logo (5C) 3.00

USN-295 Northwest Airlines, 138x27mm, wings (37C) 3.00

USN-328 Northwest to Florida 2.00

USP-96 Pennsylvania Central Airlines, 80mm diameter, as last but slightly glazed (81S) 6.50

USP-101 Pennsylvania Central Airlines, 96x65mm, winged logo (14C) 3.00

USP-131 Piedmont, faulty 1.00

USP-194 Panagra, 65x38mm, winged globe (100C) 1.75

Unlisted Railway Express Agency, 130x116, air express to & from label with design as

USR-105 Railway Express Agency, 64x64mm, 1940 NY worlds fair (15C) 3.00

USR-107 Railway Express Agency, 63mm diameter, wings, air express (56C) 3.00

USR-109 Railway Express Agency, 63mm diameter, wings, air express (61C) 3.00

Unlisted Railway Express Agency, 48x34mm, Rush this order by air express (47) 1.50

USS-180 Slick Airways 4.00

USS-181 Slick Airways 3.00

UST-211 TWA 2.00

UST-211 TWA variety 2.00

UST-230 TWA "Quickie Vacation" 2.00

UST-248 TWA, 35x78mm, plane in flight, Get There Quicker (19C), faulty .75

UST-260 TWA Air Parcel Post 2.00

UST-303 TWA Air Freight 2.00

UST-310 TWA, Air Cargo 3.00

UST-311 TWA, Air Cargo 3.50

UST-314 TWA, 80x63mm, 4 engine plane in flight, Air Cargo (46C) 3.00

UST-316 TWA, 80x64mm, 4 engine plane in flight, Air Freight (13C) 3.00

UST-316 TWA, large variety, 4 engine plane in flight, Air Freight 3.50

UST-336 TWA, QV in Sun Country 2.50

Unlisted TWA, die cut airplane, "Call TWA in Los Angeles Michigan 8881..." 2.50

Unlisted TWA, large florescent orange, "SHip Via TWA Air Freight" 3.00

USU-47 United 3.00

USU-50 United Airlines, 77x101mm, shield with star, dark (36C) 3.00

USU-50 United Airlines, as above but bright red and bright blue (62C) 3.00

USU-51 United Airlines, as above but cream paper instead of white (10C) 3.50

USU-52 United Airlines, 73x96mm, shield with map and routes (25C) 3.00

USU-53 United Airlines, 44x63mm, shield with map and routes (59S) 5.00

USU-56 United Airlines 3.00

USU-57 United Airlines, 54x78mm, shield with map and routes (60C) 3.00

USU-58 United Airlines, 36x50mm, shield with map and routes (750C) 1.50

USU-62 United Airlines, 77x103mm, shield, Mainliners (4C) 4.00

USU-67 United Airlines, 77x102mm, shield with space for address (58C) 3.00

USU-84 United Airlines, 65x86mm, shield, 3 non stops to New York (90S) 6.50

USU-92 United Airlines, 16x22mm, shield (69C) 2.00

Unlisted United air express, green diamond 3.00

USU-172 United self adhesive, stained 2.00

USU-254 United Airlines, 75x107mm, shield, 4 engine plane in flight (23C) 3.00

USW-81 Western Air, 69x82mm, flint arrowhead, Indian Chief, light blue-green, Like many stylized spear points, no archeological flint type exists (70C) 3.00

USW-81 Western Air, 69x82mm, flint arrowhead, Indian Chief, dark blue-green (128C) 3.00

USW-93 Western Air Express, 36x67mm, biplane, 25th anniversary (110C) 2.50

USW-97 Western 3.00


CA-51 Canadian Colonial Airways, 43x32mm, 8 Flights Daily (16C) 2.50

CA-403 Trans-Canada Air Lines, 80mm diameter, maple leaf, but shiny gold foil (100C) 3.00

CA-404 Trans-Canada Air Lines, 80mm diameter, maple leaf (130C) 3.00

CA-475 Trans-Canada Air Lines, 90x103mm, plane circling the globe (48C) 3.00

Other Countries

KLM - The Netherlands, various city names, black on orange red, each 3.00

Lufthansa - Germany 1960's gummed label, 3 overlapping planes in yellow, red and blue 3.00

ABA Swedish Air Lines - Sweden, 2 planes 3.50


Airmail Etiquettes

35 different AIrmail Etiquettes, all with Airline Names $24.95