1951NMp1 die proof, no gum                        1954 final die proof, no gum


The scarcest of the printer's proofs; in most cases only

a handful were made. A wide margin surrounds a single seal,

pair or block of four.


1932 E13pcp short set of 2 die proofs 27.50

1934UKp9 heavy coated ungummed paper, written on and eraser marks- presumably by a printer 45.00

1934UKp9 cut to simulated perforations 17.50

1935 blue and green only, simulated perfs, NG 15.00

1937-4p4 cut down die proof 30.00

1937-4p9 slogan seal die proof 45.00

1937 letterhead die proof 10.00

1938-4p2 cut down die proof 17.50

1943-4p2 die proof with gum 45.00

1944 Macben p1, die proof, NG 17.50

1944 Macben p2, die proof, NG 17.50

1944SPpcp, seven stages, NG, poor 35.00

1944SPpcp six stages, NG, poor 25.00

1946SPCSp1 die proof on gummed paper 45.00

1946SPCSp1die proof, NG 17.50

1947NMp1 die proof on coated ungummed paper 45.00

1947NMp2, die proof, 2 dashes (instead of 1) at lower left, NG 17.50

1947NMp2, die proof, NG 17.50

1948NMp2, die proof, NG 17.50

1948NMp3, die proof, NG 17.50

1950NMp1, die proof, NG 17.50

1951NMp1, die proof, NG 17.50

1952NMp3-4, die proof, NG 17.50

1953NMp4 die proof 45.00

1953NMp4 die proof, NG 17.50

1954NMp3 die proof 45.00

1954 final die proof, NG 17.50

1955NMp2 die proof 45.00

1955NMp2 die proof, NG 17.50

1955NMp2 die proof, NG, variety with red color bar in lower left 18.00

1956NMp1a die proof, NG 17.50

1956 unlisted die proof or the text from the sheet, "No one is safe...10-31-55" 40.00

1958NMp3 die proof on gummed paper 45.00

1958NMp3 die proof, NG 17.50

1961 rare die proof, creased, written on 25.00

1962NMp2 perf.12 die proof (reinforced $30) 60.00

1965NMp die proof 40.00