1960-2.1 perforation experiment


Forerunner experimental seals include English finish paper, tasteless gum, perforation experiments, some mini sheets and tropical dry gum; see "Perforated Christmas Seal Sheets" (in index) for full sheets of forerunners, English finish, dry gum, and mini sheets.

1955-1p1 white tasteless gum, perf.13, pair .40

1959-2.1 perforation experiment, not an error, HPIB (horizontal pair imperforate between) (PH) 1.50

1959-2.1 as above but SE .75

1960-2.1 perforation experiment, block containing two HPIB (NG 1.50) 3.00

1972-1.T1, T2, T3 Set of 3 different mini sheets 24.00

1975-4x 1975 simulated perforations over roulette 100.00

1976-5 picture sheet of 54, simulated perforations over roulette, distributed by ALA of Temple Texas 12.50


English Finish Paper- Dull uncoated paper

1954-1p2 English finish paper, block of 4 1.00

1957-2.4 English finish paper, block of 4 .40

1957-2p2 English finish, imperforate block .40

1958-2.3 English finish paper, pair .40


Dry Gum

These seals were designed to be uses in tropical climates to prevent sticking.

1963-3x3 dry gum, block of 4 1.50

1964-6.1 dry gum, block of 4 1.00

1965-5x2 dry gum, block of 4 .25

1966-5.1 dry gum, block of 8 .50

1968-3.1 dry gum, block of 8 .50

1969-2.1 dry gum, block of 4 .15

1972-2.1p1 imperf strip of 10 with dry gum 2.00

later dry gum sheets are listed with "Perforated Christmas Seal Sheets"