Full sheets are listed here only if a full sheet is required to complete the set. For a complete listing of Spring Issue Sheets, go to my Spring Issue Sheets page


1987S-1 flowers, block of 4 .50

1987S-2 landscapes, block (SE 2.50) 5.00

1988S-1x flowers with package labels and personal messages, sheet 2.50

1988S-2 flowers, pair .25

1988S-4x self adhesive country heart, pane 5.00

1989S-1 sneezeless flowers, block (SE 2.00) 4.00

1989S-2 flowers, day lily..., block of 4 .50

1989S-3x self adhesive country heart "8043" in margin, pane of 15 2.50

1989S-4x self adhesive country heart in wreath, pane of 15 2.50

1990S-1 Easter eggs, rose & rabbit, pair .25

1990S-2x1 self adhesive "Love", pane of 15, brown backing paper 3.00

1990S-2x2 self adhesive "Love" , pane of 15, white backing paper 3.00

1990S-4x landscape, eagle, flowers, sheet 5.00

1990S-5 sneezeless flowers, similar to 89-N-1, block of 4 (SE .25) .50

1990S-6x1 self adhesive country heart in wreath, as 89-N-4, but "8043" on margin, pane of 15 2.50

1990S-6x1 self adhesive country heart, 2 different trimmed panes in stock, see note in '97 Green's, each 2.00

1990S-7 quilt design, block of 4 (SE .35) (PH) .70

1991S-1 quilt, block of 4 (SE .35) .70

1991S-2 Easter eggs, flowers, pair .30

1991S-3 stained glass flowers, pair .30

1991S-4x self adhesive "Love" pane of 15 3.50

1991S-5x self adhesive nutcracker soldier and candle, pane of 12 10.00

1991S-6 stylized flowers, pair 6.00

1991S-6 stylized flowers, SE pair 3.00

1992S-1 cowboy teddybear design with personal messages, block of 4 (SE $2.50) 5.00

1992S-2 cowboy teddybear design without personal messages, block of 4 .50

1992S-3x self adhesive window box flowers, pane of 15 10.00

1992S-4 butterflies and birds, bk of 4 (SE .50) 1.00

1992S-5x self adhesive calendar reminder stickers, pane of 20 3.50

1993S-1 children and pets, dog, rabbit, bk of 4 .35

1993S-2 rainbows, block of 4 .35

1994S-1 vases and flowers, pair .25

1994S-2 boat on lake and flowers, pair .25

1994S-3 hummingbird and flowers, pair .25

1994S-4 daffodils, pair .25

1995S-2 flower bouquets in floral frames, pair .25

1995S-3 birds with nest, pair .25

1996S-1 birds with nest, roul, block of 4 (SE .25) .50

1997-S2 flowers and garden tools, pair .50

1998-S1 Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit, pair .40

1998-S2xA House Mouse, sheet 9.50

1998-S2xB House Mouse, sheet with name of donor (personalized) in top margin 9.50

1998-S3 rabbits, strip of 5 1.25

1998-S4 bird houses, block of 4 1.00

1998 Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit calendar with enlarged seal design 6.00

for 1999 to date Spring Issues, see Spring Issue Sheets