1908 type 2 US CHristmas Seal booklet pane of 6

WX4a 1908 type 2 booklet pane of 6, VF-EF $200.00


I'm always interested in purchasing large Christmas Seal collections, scarce individual items, early US Christmas Seals 1907 thru 1916, sheets thru 1926, and scarce local and foreign seals. I will hold your lot intact pending acceptance of my offer.

Many Christmas Seals are common. Two popular sheet collections I sell are 1927- 1931 five sheets for $22.00, and, 1932-1981, 50 sheets, for $37.50 (orders of $100 or more are postpaid), average price per sheet for this second collection is 75 cents. I sell Odd lots of sheets, including Christmas, Boystown, Easter, Sister Kenny etc., with separations, for $25 per 100. I also have a large quantity of one year in the 70's which I can sell for 2 cents per sheet of 100, when you purchase a fresh unopened carton of 5,000 sheets (plus postage on this item).

In 1999-2013 I gave away several thousand twenty page mini albums with a set of 50 different Christmas seals, to youth attending club sponsored stamp shows. This was a long term investment in the hobby. Frankly, I would not have done it after the first year, but found a volunteer to assemble the sets from my stock.

If your seals fall into this category I would be happy to find a good home for them, but I'm not buying common seals. Of course, I will let you know if I find anything I can really use, and there are scarce varieties even on common years. Sometimes the best thing to do, if you know your seals are common, is to find a friend or relative who is interested in them and give them directly.



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