1913 US Christmas Seal essay

1913 US Christmas Seal Essay $100.00

Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society

http://www.seal-society.org/ - Member collecting interests include Christmas Seals, US and worldwide anti tuberculosis seals, other fundraising and, event seals, poster stamps, as well as seals on cover and all Cinderella Stamps.
Hobby Overview, by Joseph D. Ward, Jr. - Two different well illustrated Society Exhibits used at international stamp shows in 2006, and 2016

More Groups to Join

Apply to join the free Christmas Seal Facebook Group; it's growing by leaps and bounds.

The ​American Philatelic Society is our nation's stamp collecting society. The CS&CSS is affiliated with them

The Christmas Philatelic Club shares collecting interests the the CS&CSS, however their primary interest lies in international Christmas postage stamps

The CInderella Stamp Club - A cinderella is anything that looks like a postage stamp, but is not.

The Poster Stamp Collector's Club shares collecting interests with the CS&CSS, primarily large colorful advertizing and event labels.