1946 US Christmas Seal portrait block

1946 US Christmas Seal portrait block of 16 with Emily Bissell

Christmas Seal Dealers

John Denune - This is Me. If you find something offered somewhere else, and can't find it at my website. please email me and I will look, as I probably have them.

George Baxley, Ryukyu Christmas Seals for Sale

Randy Kirsch

Bill Kozersky

Roger & Bonnie Riga

Jay Smith

Joseph D. Ward, Jr.

Please compare my prices to this dealer, "Europe's Largest Christmas Seal Dealer" - http://www.christmasseal.dk/english/site.html


Christmas Seal and Cinderella Stamp Collector Clubs

The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society New Site, created by me.

The Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society, Wikipedia article, by me.

Christmas Philatelic Club

Cinderella Stamp Club

Poster Stamp Society


History of Christmas Seals

e-Bay Guide to Christmas Seals, by John Denune

Joseph Ward's Hobby Ovierview

Wikipedia Christmas Seal article

U Tube, geneology gems, the history of Christmas seals

The Story of the (US) Christmas Seal

Philippine Christmas Seal History

Poster Stamps, By Roger & Bonnie Riga

World TB Day, March 24th, Royal London Hospital Archives

Red Cross SIte - History of Christmas Seals

Museum of Heath Care

Tubercular Architecture of the South

Postal Museum

TB in Newfoundland


Fundraising Seal issuing Societies

The American Lung Association

The American Lung Association

Call (217) 787-5864 to have your name added to the American Lung Association Christmas Seal mailing list.

The International Union Against Tuberculosis

The Int. Union against TB does not issue seals, but some of it's member societies do. The Union holds an annual "Christmas Seal" contest.

Lutheran Wheatridge

The Canadian Lung Association

History of The Canadian Lung Association - Video

The Danish Lung Association

Hong Kong TB Society

India TB Society

US Easter Seal Society

Kappa Delta

Canadian Easter Seal Society

Holy Childhood Christmas Seals, a Catholic Fund

National Wildlife Federation