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Emily Bissell - developer of 1st US Christmas Seal Honored on US Stamp, Bissell's 1908 Delaware US Local TB seal, 1908 Kensington US Local TB seal, World's First TB Seal issued at Christmas time - Denmark 1904, the source of Bissell's inspiration for the 1st US Christmas Seal, after she read this article by Jacob A. Riis.


type 1 tied on postcatd 12-26-1907 Wilmington, and another 12-1907 Philadelphia - POR


WX11 1913 type 1 -  several copies in stock- price on request

Catalog numbers are from Green's Tuberculosis Seals of the World Catalog, the Bible of Christmas seal collecting. Green's Catalog is offered on the Christmas Seal Literature page.


Recently Discovered Error, A Single partial row in a sheet of 1907 type 1 VPIH
(vertical Pair Imperforate Horizontally) go to Christmas Seal Errors & Freaks


Free US Christmas Seal Albums

Free 170 page Comprehensive Christmas Seal Album on CD, requires MS Word 2003 and a printer
Free 41 page US Christmas Seal Album on CD, requires MS Word and a printer
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Australia #561, 1951 block of 8,    US 1916 EF,           US 1918 type 1PS,           Swiss #21 1931


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Getting to know the Denune's

There are Actually two John Denune's; Sr., and Jr.. Dressed for 1991 ALA Gala fundraiser in Columbus Ohio where dad and I provided a Christmas Seal display, attended by ALA Charperson Kristi Yamaguchi (olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater, and Dancing With the Stars Winner); She was ALA Chairperson again in 2008.

Dad started collecting Christmas Seals seriously in 1969, joining the CS&CSS, and over the years purchasing large lots from major dealers including Ray Mosbaugh, Charles Bellinghausen, Charles Lorenz, Robert Wood, Vernon Bressler, and Roger Sargent. In 1981, while I was on an hiatus from college, we began our Christmas Seal business. Dad is the collector and, and I (John, Jr.) am the author of our Christmas Seal pricelists, albums and websites.

We have both served on the Christmas Seal & Charity Stamp Society Board of Governors, and are past presidents of that society. The CS&CSS is an American Philatelic Society affiliate (#101), and a non profit organization established in 1931 by collectors to promote the hobby of Christmas Seal collecting. We have both served as volunteer editors of CS&CSS literature, and assisted writers in their exhibits, articles and literature projects. Both of us have written Christmas Seal articles for publications including the American Philatelist, Linn's Stamp News, and The Cinderella Philatelist, as well as Seal News, the award winning quarterly journal of the CS&CSS.

Part of our emormous inventory of US and Worldwide Christmas Seals


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